Exhibition ,,An-Sicht-Weisen” 25.10.2019



Due to the giant structure zone in the area of the main train station of Vienna artificial earth walls were raised. Since many years different kinds of wild plants are growing on these walls. I detected them on my regular walking and jogging rounds and used to collect them for my girlfriend. For the exhibition ,,An-Sicht-Weisen“ I dug some of them up, leaving the root unharmed, in order to photofraph them on a white background in my photostudio. This is my very personal point of view of an artificial place in the middle of a big construction zone, where flowers are still growing.


,,Salt on paper”

A fire extinguisher, filled with colour, was used to spray big letters on the walls in an underpass in the area of the main trainstation of Vienna. This caught my attention. Looking at this obvious trivial graffiti in a very detailed manner, I discovered wonderful formations, reminding me of the characteristics of a painting. To strenghen this character, I decided to develolp these pictures taking the idea of the method of Talbot. Around 1840 he invented a devolpment procedure, which is based on alter the surfaces to be photosensitive with salt and silver nitrat.

A special thanks to Giulio Paolini, who gave me this idea and guided me through the whole process. I also want to thank Michael Heindl, who gave me the opportunity to participate in the exhibiton ,,Ansichtsweisen”.

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