Wohnungsgestaltung, Wien, 05.07.2021

Im 7. Bezirk durfte ich eine sanierte Altbauwohnung mitgestalten. Die Bilder sind zum Teil aus einer Konzeptarbeit für eine Ausstellung im Wiener ,,Sonnwendviertel” entstanden.

Bilder: ,,Salt on Paper”, 130 x 100 cm; Alu Dibond und ,,Lichtbild”, 90 x 100 cm, Alu Dibond

,,Salt on paper”

A fire extinguisher, filled with colour, was used to spray big letters on the walls in an underpass in the area of the main trainstation of Vienna. This caught my attention. Looking at this obvious trivial graffiti in a very detailed manner, I discovered wonderful formations, reminding me of the characteristics of a painting. To strenghen this character, I decided to develolp these pictures taking the idea of the method of Talbot. Around 1840 he invented a devolpment procedure, which is based on alter the surfaces to be photosensitive with salt and silver nitrat.

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