My name is Tobias Steinmaurer and I am a photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Taking photos is a passion, accompanying me since my early childhood, were I started shooting analogue pictures. I spent many hours in the darkroom developing both the photos and my skills. Nowadays most of my work is digitalized but I still use an old Leica for analogue sessions from time to time. I do contract work for companies, people and friends as well as band and artist portraits, cd covers and so on. I also love the field of press photography and travel reports.

Since 2020  tourists and everybody who is interested in photography can book my guided photo-tours in and around Vienna!

If you are looking for professional solutions for your business or band – or if you have any further requests, questions or ideas – do not hesitate to contact me!


Instagram: Tobias_Steinmaurer

Phone: 0043-677-62038850