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World Underground Wrestling – A report

Since October 2023, Tobias Steinmaurer has immersed himself in the depths of the World Underground Wrestling (WUW) scene to document the fascination of wrestling in the Vienna underground.

The professional wrestler Betty Boa is accompanied by Steinmaurer as the main protagonist before, during, and after the fights.

For the photographer and the viewers, an exciting journey unfolds between fiction and reality, ultimately leaving only one question unanswered at the end: Is this real?

Photo Series ,,Seite an Seite“

While the tragic conflict in the Middle East continues to polarize public opinion in Austria and Germany, photographer Tobias Steinmaurer is on a quest within his community to find individuals with Palestinian and Israeli roots who stand side by side for peace.

A combination of a photo series and interviews aims to create a space for discourse, providing viewers, and ultimately the photographer himself, with insights into the complex challenges that arise from advocating for peace. Through more intimate one-on-one settings, the goal is to generate closeness and immediacy, making the human suffering in the war more understandable.

Tobias Steinmaurer is committed to giving a platform to individuals advocating for unity and peace in society, thereby making them more visible. He sees this as an attempt to contribute through his photography to counter tendencies of division, anti-Semitism, and racism within the German speaking countries.

The photo series is to be understood as an open project presented in exhibitions and media, continuously growing. The key statements from the interviews are mounted next to the individuals in the photographs.


Tobias Steinmaurer lives and works in Vienna, Austria. The photographer studied Educational Sciences as well as Photography & New Visual Media at the University of Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten.

As a photojournalist, he photographs for press agencies, magazines, daily newspapers, as well as for private sector clients, covering reportages, interviews, events, and much more.

Tobias Steinmaurer regularly works on independent documentary projects both domestically and internationally, which are exhibited and published in exhibitions and magazines.



OBJEKTIV 2022 Price for Austrian Press Photography


2024 ,,Is this real?”, Exhibition in Lower Austrias Center for Documentation in St. Pölten (AT) (upcoming)
2024 ,,HIER & JETZT”, Exhibition in Vienna’s Semmelweisklinik (AT)

Tobias Steinmaurer

Fotojournalist based in Vienna, Austria


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